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6 Big Ways Clients can Support Local Black Estheticians (Quick Video)

Jere’ the owner/esthetician behind Jere’ Skin & Moore took to her Instagram page to detail the ways in which clients, potential clients and the community in general can support their local Black estheticians.


On her IGTV, Jere’ gives very simple, yet powerful action steps that individuals can take that help create more visibility for estheticians practicing near them.

While her video is short, it’s impactful, as she details 6 big ways that clients can rally behind their favorite estheticians, not only during National Black Estheticians’ Week (NBEW), but on an ongoing basis.


Estheticians can also use Jere’s video as inspiration to encourage their clients to support them during NBEW, but anytime they need self-care.


Watch the informative video here:

And, to learn more about Jere’ and her practice, visit her Spasho listing here.



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