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A Gem of an Esthetician Says: Come Through Melanin, Come Through

Amethyst Legree is here for black skincare clients.  And, she makes no apologies that the treatments she offers and the skincare lines she carries accommodate black skin and some of its associated issues, like hyperpigmentation.


Dreaming of being an actress once, while dealing with acne, Amethyst sought ways to clear her skin.


Today, as an esthetician with her own skincare studio, she guides clients on how to best care for their skin with hydrating products and ingredients that brighten their appearance. 


Learn about her Peel & Reveal Treatments and the below the belt service she believes will pack a punch this year.   



How long have you been a practicing esthetician?


5 years


And, what inspired you to become an esthetician?


Throughout my adolescent years I had terrible acne. Not only that,
but I had braces and glasses. I had a dream to be an actress and I knew I needed to clear up my skin.


So, after seeing many dermatologists and estheticians, I thought I’d learn to clear it myself and keep it clear. Plus, I needed a side job 🙂


Where are you based?


Orange, California


What’s the name of your business?


Sparkling Skincare by Amethyst. I work out of a studio suite located at Phenix Salon Suites – Orange, CA.


What is your signature technique and approach to skincare?


I don’t know if I have a signature technique, but I customize each of my facials to my client’s needs.


For example, a client may purchase a Sparkling Amethyst Deluxe Facial that has specific steps in the protocol. I will follow the steps, but select the products based on my client’s skin condition needs.


What sets you apart from other estheticians?


When it comes to skincare, my client base is black skin and skin of color. My skincare treatments, and selected skincare lines reflect that. I select products and treatments that are great for melanated skin, especially those with hyperpigmentation concerns.


What is your specialty?


Chemical peels through my Peel & Reveal Treatments. My Peel &
Reveal Treatments are a series of chemical peels that lead to brighter and healthier skin.


Waxing is another specialty.  I love doing bikini and eyebrow waxing.


What advice or suggestions would you give to a first-time client who has never had a professional beauty service?


 Don’t wax your face before your facial appointment lol. I had a
client that did that once.


If you wax your face, you may not be able to receive that full service. Depending on the
service, it may be best to cancel.


What industry trends do you think will make the biggest impact this year?


Vajacials and body treatments. Women today want to feel confident in their underwear and bikini. They are embracing their body, no matter what size and shape they may be, and they want to look healthy and fit with beautiful skin. I think that’s great.


What industry trends do you think should fade away?


I’m not a fan of hairy underarms, but I think removing underarm hair is just a part of our culture. I’m bias for favoring that. No hate or shade to those who don’t. I say you do you, boo lol.


What’s your skincare regimen?


I have so many different products. I’m always changing up, however all my products that I use are products that I retail.


Daily—I cleanse, tone, use a serum, and moisturize with SPF.


At night—I apply a night cream.


Twice a week I exfoliate and sometimes mask.


When it’s time to get a facial, who gives you yours?


I have actually been teaching my mom to give me one. I tell her what products to use for me and how to do it. She’s doing great 😀


For people living in your immediate area, what advice would you give to them for protecting their skin from the local environment?


Apply products with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated.
Especially if you reside in Los Angeles where we have a lot of air pollution.


Vitamin C is also great for environmental damage, photo damage, as well as brightening the skin appearance.


Three products I recommend are: Brightening Vitamin C Toner by Eve Milan NY, Vitamin C therapy
and Skin Brightening Serum by dermHA. All 3 are available in my online store at


What is your proudest accomplishment in the esthetics industry?


I was pretty proud of myself when I opened up my spa studio suite this past June. I hug myself for that 😀


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