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A Web Designing Esthetician Gives Tips for Creating a Strong Web Presence

When it comes to understanding how estheticians should market themselves, Ebony McGee is an expert.


She understands the pain points of estheticians because she herself is one, and she knows the best tips and tricks for how estheticians can get found online because she is also a website designer and social media strategist.


In our social media lifestyles, it can be easy to think you no longer need a website, but she explains the importance of having a website and how strongly it can work with your social media, in order to create a solid marketing strategy for you.


And, as Black History Month and the first ever National Black Estheticians Week (#NBEW) approaches, we’re giving participating estheticians an opportunity to receive a free website.



Take a look at the tips Ebony provides for how you can best build and maintain your web presence.


How long have you been a licensed esthetician?


4 years


And, what inspired you to become an esthetician?


Since I was young, I always enjoyed trying new makeup and beauty products. Also, I want to help women and men feel comfortable in the skin she/he is in.


Do you still practice? If not, what were some challenges you faced? And, how long did you practice?

Yes, I still practice. I focus on skincare education, makeup, and wellness.


In addition to being a licensed esthetician, you’re also a web designer and social media specialist. How long have you been designing websites?


4 years


Do you think that it is essential for estheticians to have their own website?


Yes, estheticians should have a website. No matter if you are working for a spa or solo, you will need to market your services, and your website is your #1 marketing tool.


What are some of the reasons why some estheticians don’t have a site?

They think the website is too expensive.  He/She does not think tech savvy enough and think social media is sufficient.


What are the key elements that every good website should consist of for estheticians?


  • Simple Navigation Menu
  • Contact Information
  • List of Services
  • Easy to Use Booking Tool
  • Portfolio
  • About Me


What are your thoughts on having a one-page website?


A one-page website is the perfect start for an esthetician that is starting out. The website should grow with your business.


Can you break down SEO and how important it is for estheticians?


Search engine optimization (SEO) makes your website attractive to search engines like Google so you can get found.


If you want your customers to find you online, you will need a search engine optimization strategy.


Do not assume when you create a website that your website will be easy to find for your clients.


Does being listed on a site like Spasho and Yelp help estheticians get found? Please provide detail.


Being listed on Spasho and Yelp can help estheticians get found because these platforms create backlinks.


A backlink is when a website has a link to another website.


Backlinks are great for SEO.


How can estheticians maximize their web presence? Should they be blogging, utilizing FB ads, etc.?


  • Create a YouTube channel and create videos regularly
  • Maintain a blog with relevant content
  • Host a podcast
  • Use email marketing to get traffic to your website


When it comes to social media, should estheticians be on all platforms or should they focus on one?


Start with one social media platform first and focus on engagement (sharing, commenting, liking) of your followers.


After you get comfortable with one platform move on to another platform.


What social media tips do you have for estheticians?

Never buy followers!


Do not focus on the number of people that are following you, just create great, relevant content and review data analytics information provided on each social media platform.


We plan on celebrating National Black Estheticians Week while we celebrate Black History Month. NBEW will be promoted via social media—how can estheticians best align themselves with this event in order to promote their services and book new and existing clients?


  • Make the information about NBEW easy to find for your clients


  • Create stories on Facebook and Instagram about specials that are being offered


  • Have a Facebook Live Session about NBEW


  • Create digital flyers


How can estheticians build consistency when it comes to building and maintaining their web presence?

  • Create high quality content that is easy to share on all social media platforms
  • Build infographics


  • Update your website with information about specials, new blog posts, videos, etc.


  • Find your niche


For more information on Ebony’s web design business:

And, to learn how you can participate in The National Black Estheticians Week on February 1-7, 2020, please review the toolkit:



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