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Even when you’re ready to relax and get beautified, actually getting to the spa can sometimes feel like yet one. more. task. 


But, Carina Brooks King has an easy solution: she travels to you.  The only caveat—you just have to live in the Orlando-area.  


When she became an esthetician, Carina says that she was well aware of how wellness has been so often neglected by us, that she wanted to make it her business to encourage women to prioritize this practice. 


And, her mobile spa makes beauty services accessible and convenient.


Carina takes care of you like a celeb, find out how.

How long have you been a practicing esthetician?

10 years 


And, what inspired you to become an esthetician?


I have always wanted to help people feel better about themselves, especially women. Skincare and wellness are often neglected and I wanted to be a familiar face to women like me, someone they could trust with their skin. 


Where are you based?


Apopka, Florida 


What’s the name of your business?


Carina Esthetics. I’m solo, except sometimes I team up with a massage therapist for certain events. 


What is your signature technique and approach to skincare?


I specialize in natural techniques and ingredients.  My signature techniques are acne and anti-aging facials and masks. 


What sets you apart from other estheticians?


My professionalism, my attention to detail, and my dedication to my clients’ skincare and esthetic goals; I treat every client like a celebrity. 


What is your specialty?


Acne and Anti-Aging 


What advice or suggestions would you give to a first-time client who has never had a professional beauty service?


Be clear about your goals; don’t be afraid to ask questions and do research; 


What industry trends do you think will make the biggest impact this year?


Dermaplaning and custom face masks 


What industry trends do you think should fade away?


Eyebrow extensions 


What’s your skincare regimen?


I use an electric face brush to exfoliate twice a week, and I only use Skin Script skincare products. 


When it’s time to get a facial, who gives you yours?



For people living in your immediate area, what advice would you give to them for protecting their skin from the local environment?


Here in Florida, it’s all about sunscreen and keeping your skin moisturized—the sun can reach temperatures of almost 100! And in the “winter,” it can be very dry.  Always wear sunscreen, even under makeup and make sure your skin is moisturized daily. 


What is your proudest accomplishment in the esthetics industry?


Lasting 10 years and having my services recognized by some of the top names in the industry. 


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