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ESTHETICIAN TOOLKIT–Business Strategies for Dealing with Coronavirus: How to Survive and Thrive

During these trying times, Spasho is working to support you while you support your clients.

We have provided some detailed information and tips to help you with business strategizing.

If your esthetics business is being impacted by the Coronavirus, take this challenge and create an opportunity.

Now is not the time to feel limited, instead EXPAND.

If clients are cancelling or not showing up, and even for new potential clients, you can now book online appointments with them from the comfort of their home.

Life doesn’t have to stop during this time.  And, your business doesn’t either.  You can still help and still make money because your own self care is important too.


As estheticians, what can we do to continue to grow?

The truth is, more and more people are going to be at home over the next few weeks.  Fact is, a lot of people are going to be at home over the next few weeks. As a result, they will be online and on social media.

Instead of going out, they will be spending their money online.

The demand is certainly there.

If you’re not already selling online, now is a great time to begin offering skincare products and satellite skincare services online.

Set up an online store.  Begin hosting online skincare sessions or online skincare classes.


How can you add value to your clients’ life? By giving them education, information and doing virtual Q&As with several clients—this builds community and helps several people at once.


How can you get clients to spend money with you? Develop special discounts that encourage them to book with you for a virtual skincare session.  Do a flash sale with a special bonus if they book now.


Best Practices When Offering Virtual Skincare Appointments


  • Email Alerts: Email clients to let them know that you can still see them for appointments, but instead of face-to-face appointments, you can see them through the following ways:

FaceTime, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Skype, Zoom, Instagram, etc.

  • Social Media Announcements: Post social media announcements on your feed, go live and create stories about how you will be expanding your esthetic practice by now taking appointments via online skincare bookings.  Existing clients will see this as well as new and potential clients.

o   If it’s still business as usual for you and you’re still open, be sure to let clients know this too.


  • Website Popups: Create a short post on your website that pop ups for visitors letting them know about your virtual appointments or that you’re still available for in-person visits, or what new steps you’re taking to protect clientele.


  • Managing Cancellations: Encourage clients who have canceled or who might be thinking of canceling to transfer their appointments to a virtual appointment.  Offer discounts when possible, or give clients a thorough skincare consultation and session online.


Deposits: Still treat this as a business by having clients pre-book and pay a deposit before booking their virtual appointments.


Virtual Consultations: For potential clients who might find you online during this time, offer virtual consultations so you can create personalized and customized skincare regimens.


Virtual Skincare Session: Provide clients with guidelines before the appointment such as not wearing makeup for their virtual appointment, etc.  Instruct them on what products and supplies they will need to have available

  • Reassure clients that you will be able to see the details of their skin if they are in a well-lit room
  • During your online appointment, discuss their skin concerns, identify their goals.  Take notes of what they say.
  • Show clients how to properly wash their face, gently dry and apply products in the correct order.


  • Homecare Regimen: Check in with your existing and new clients about how they can best take care of their skin at home.  Create a follow up plan with them on how to use their products and answer any questions they have about steps and protocols.  Email them follow-up guidelines, or go live with them one-on-one.

o   Home Care Packages/Kits: Put together sample kits of products for clients to try or targeted skincare products that boost skin’s immunity.

o   Show clients how to wash their hands first before washing their face.  Explain to them that the Coronavirus spreads from touching the face.

o   As an extra level of protection, you can also think about including gloves in a homecare kit to show clients that they can wash their face with gloves.  You can also include a towel branded with your logo as well as a branded face mask.


  • Online Consultation Forms: Send existing clients personalized home care or after care forms or for new clients, send online consultation forms that are quick, easy and convenient.  Pre-made consultation forms are available or transfer your existing form into an online one.


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