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Herbal Beauty for Dark Skin: Top 10 Reasons Estheticians Should Switch to Herbal Skincare (Video)

Herbal beauty expert, Jah Crystal, of Herbal Beauty Babe gave a class, in honor of National Black Estheticians’ Week, entitled, “Herbal Beauty for Dark Skin.”

Jah provides a scientific, holistic and economic framework around offering and incorporating herbal-based products into the aesthetic practice.

While the Fitzpatrick scale is the standard protocol used in the esthetics industry, Jah says, “I don’t use Fitzpatrick; I use sun tolerance–you darken or you don’t.”

In the video, Jah also details the top 10 reasons estheticians should make the switch to herbal skincare in their practices.


Click on the image below to watch the video and learn how this unique niche can elevate your practice and increase your revenue.


Video detailing the benefits of herbal skincare for dark skin


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