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I'm a body sculpting business the offers non invasive procedures.

*Laser Lipo"our popular procedure which uses paddles with infrared lights to penetrate through your skin causing your fat cell to shrink by liquefied your fat. This procedure is more so for people with small amount of volume, if using alone.

*Body Cavitation is a little more invasive procedure that uses sound waves to destroy your fat cells which as uses heat to liquefy your fat content.

*Skin tightening is just that a great procedure as an add on or by itself to help with cellulite.

During each session you can lose between 1-3 inches with the recommendation 8-10 session to see drastic results.

I also offer:

•Full Body detox your can lose up 600-1200calories per session
•Butt Enhancements
•Teeth Whitening
•V Steam

And many packages Deals

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