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Shani Darden Recognizes National Black Estheticians’ Week

It’s been an amazing week celebrating National Black Estheticians’ Week with so many Black estheticians, but also a diverse range of estheticians and skincare professionals who showed their support.

As we bring this week to a close, I wanted to highlight superstar esthetician, Shani Darden’s acknowledgement of The National Black Estheticians’ week.  I’ve followed her for years, and earlier this week, I was happily surprised to see her mention the week in her Story.  Definitely meant to share her post before now, but with the fun and frenzy of the week, I posted a little later than I wanted

Thank you, Shani Darden and to all the estheticians who participated in this week, liked, shared or commented on Spasho’s posts, and supported us regardless.


Shani Darden Instagram Story
Shani Darden acknowledges National Black Estheticians’ Week in Instagram Story



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