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National Black Estheticians' Week

Support Your Local Licensed Black Estheticians in Celebration of National Black Estheticians’ Week (#NBEW)

We’re celebrating #NBEW this week: February 22-28, the second annual National Black Estheticians’ Week (#NBEW).

NBEW was started in February 2020 and was created to celebrate and showcase Black estheticians throughout the United States primarily, while also honoring the contributions of recognized skin professionals globally.

“We positioned NBEW within Black History Month, which commemorates the legacies of pioneers and trailblazers, to be an extension of that same excellence, while focusing on the unique contributions of licensed Black estheticians, increasing their visibility,” says Tiffany Medois, Founder of Spasho and NBEW. Estheticians, in general, are amazing, because they increase the well-being of a variety of skin types, while Black estheticians, specifically, are skyrocketing in numbers and most are cognizant of handling hyperpigmentation and treatment guidelines involved in melanated/melaninated-rich skin tones. NBEW is a time where we promote our industry, support each other as licensed Black estheticians, and highlight self-care for all people.”

This year’s theme is “Conquering Obstacles and Inspiring Others” and several noteworthy estheticians will be highlighted on Spasho and social media, speaking to this theme. Licensed Black estheticians are encouraged to participate via their social media channels and by following the NBEW guidelines available on Spasho, including listing their name/business on Spasho and the BEST Skincare Directory on Facebook, a group founded by Katina Gilmore, who partnered with Medois in the initiation and promotion of NBEW through her BEST group, which has been invaluable for supporting Black estheticians and NBEW.

People of all ethnic groups and diverse backgrounds are encouraged to celebrate NBEW and to support local Black estheticians, when they search by zip code, by booking appointments.

Last year, participants had the opportunity to win: educational materials, gift cards, and a website with embedded consultation forms—the grand prize gift—which was awarded to LaTonga Nicole, an Advanced Esthetician/Educator, based in Westerville, Ohio.

About Spasho

Spasho connects people with dedicated and skilled licensed Black estheticians in their area, helping to increase the visibility of Black estheticians, while supporting the self-care needs of people looking to improve their skin’s well-being.


Adapted from the published press release on PRWeb

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