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The One Crucial Step to Fabulous Skin

Skincare is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. There are indeed levels, literally, to the skin and how it should be approached, and veteran esthetician, Ronda Simpson, works by customizing every single treatment for each one of her clients.


While we sometimes think we need to have super detailed skincare regimens from jump, Ronda’s technique moves you step-by-step, starting with one crucial step, to advance your skin to fabulous, allowing it to achieve sustainable results.  


When you’re looking to tighten and brighten your skin, Ronda has the latest technology, including an amazing infusion, that will help give your skin a reset.


She gets spacific about skincare below.



How long have you been a practicing esthetician?

20 years


And, what inspired you to become an esthetician?

I enjoy helping people look and feel their best. Providing facials and skincare treatments is a satisfying way to help others.


Where are you based?

Pittsburg, California. 30 minutes east of San Francisco, CA


What’s the name of your business? Do you work alone?

Ronda Simpson Clinical Skincare is the name of my practice. I
employee three other estheticians and a massage therapist.


What is your signature technique and approach to skincare?

My approach to skincare is “one step to fabulous.” Start each
client out with one crucial component to enhance their skincare regimen and build from there.


What sets you apart from other estheticians?

I customize every treatment for each and every individual client
of mine.


What is your specialty?

Age Management!


What advice or suggestions would you give to a first-time client who has never had a professional beauty service?


Forget everything you think you know about skincare. Book your
service without exceptions and be prepared to be wowed!


What industry trends do you think will make the biggest impact
this year?


Nano micro-needling treatments are one of the best treatments on
the market today. You get the most bang for your buck with this treatment! I offer this treatment in a series of six with a CBD infusion!


What industry trends do you think should fade away?

I can’t think of anything I would remove from the industry.


What’s your skincare regimen?

Cleanse. Nourish. Protect. I cleanse twice daily. I add a vitamin C serum and mineral powder in the AM. Nightly, I add eye cream, retinol serum, and moisturizer. I mask and exfoliate bi-weekly.



When it’s time to get a facial, who gives you yours?

Only Ms. Denise Kelly in Brentwood, CA has the pleasure of
touching my skin!


For people living in the Bay Area, or your immediate area of Pittsburg, what advice would you give to them for protecting their skin from the local environment?

RS Clinical Skincare has everything needed to Cleanse, Nourish & Protect Bay Area skin! (shameless plug).

I recommend washing away the Bay Area environmental pollution by double cleansing skin daily. If your skin can handle it, exfoliate twice a week. Add antioxidant serums and a damn good moisturizer. Stay hydrated and wear sun protection year-round! 


What is your proudest accomplishment in the esthetics industry?

Training and coaching other estheticians on advanced education
and business development.



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