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This Esthetician has the Intimate Scoop on Intimate Skin Care

One woman, many aliases: The Pretty Kitty Diva of Delaware; the Skin Restorer; the Lash Lifter; Big Sister. 


But who is she? 


Michelle Forrester—Licensed Esthetician.  And, what she has accomplished in less than a year, is amazingly impressive.


As a new esthetician with a successful practice, Michelle already has a steady clientele and superb reviews.   


From her Brazilian waxes and intimate skin care services to her corrective skin treatments and lash lifts, Michelle has well-earned every alias, especially Big Sister, as she is sought out by clients because she enriches them with knowledge on intimate skin care, and is, of course, skilled in her craft.  


Let Michelle tell you herself, how beauty was her initial passion, but instead ended up in corporate America only to return to that original path of beauty.


How long have you been a practicing esthetician?


I’ve been practicing as a licensed Esthetician since November 2018.


And, what inspired you to become an esthetician?


I wanted to go to cosmetology school after high school but my Jamaican and Floridian parents weren’t having it. So off to college—Howard University—I went.


I remained committed to the work of cosmetology—I was a hair braider for over 15 years (a side hustler) and I was “arching” brows of my fellow dorm mates and friends.


I had acne since age 10, went to many dermatologists, but it was an Esthetician who helped me to understand how to take care of my skin. 


I went to Aveda Institute DC, 10 days after taking an early retirement from my job at a labor union. 


Where are you based?


I have a solo practice in Wilmington, Delaware. I moved here two months after I graduated from Aveda Institute DC.


I am licensed in DC and Delaware and just did my second Spa Pop Up in the DMV in September.


What’s the name of your business?


I am the owner of You Got the Look Spa, in Wilmington, Delaware, a solo enterprise. 


What is your signature technique and approach to skincare?


I am the Pretty Kitty Diva of Delaware, specializing in Brazilian waxing and intimate skin care; the Skin Restorer, specializing in customized, corrective skin treatments and I’m the Lash Lifter.


What sets you apart from other estheticians?


The feedback that I’ve received from my guests say that I make them feel very comfortable as I provide Brazilian wax service; I provide them with much needed info regarding intimate and body skin care and my facials are not only relaxing, but corrective. I’ve been referred to as a Big Sister when it comes to providing intimate skin care.


What is your specialty?


Brazilian wax service and intimate skin care; relaxing, corrective skin treatments and lash lifts. 


What advice or suggestions would you give to a first-time client who has never had a professional beauty service?


When it comes to Brazilian wax service, my first goal is to help the newbie relax by informing them what I will be doing, that we are a team in the process and giving them breathing exercises that we perform together throughout the service. My Groupon reviews confirm that I help them through the discomfort.


For skin treatments, I want my guests to relax throughout the process, even during the extractions, which can be uncomfortable. It’s my goal to make them feel great and help them to recognize that progress is being made during their “reveal,” even if we have several sessions ahead.


What industry trends do you think will make the biggest impact this year?


I am not a trendy person or Esthetician. The impact that I’d like for my guests is trust in my knowledge, skills and the service that I provide them. It’s my desire that each guest is informed about what to expect and that they leave satisfied based on the customized service that I provide. 


What industry trends do you think should fade away?


I don’t have an opinion on trends. My goal is to get results for my guests based on my specialties.


I’m not a fan of lip fillers, but it’s not my place to say whether they should fade away or not. If a trend is not of my liking, but within my scope of practice, I’m just not going to provide it. If it remains a trend or fades away, doesn’t matter to me.


What’s your skincare regimen?


I try to keep it simple but effective. I cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize and treat concerns, such as a blemish or fine lines and those marionette lines by RF and microcurrent. I get monthly facials.


When it’s time to get a facial, who gives you yours?


Another esthetician.


For people living in your immediate area, what advice would you give to them for protecting their skin from the local environment?


SPF, no matter how much melanin they may have. I also recommend that they cleanse before going to bed and drink plenty of water.


What is your proudest accomplishment in the esthetics industry?


Opening and running a successful solo practice right after becoming licensed. While I was in school and since, I’ve sought advanced trainings and have been building relationships with more seasoned Estheticians. I love serving people and helping in any way that I can. 


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