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What is Your Skin Energy Saying?


Ever had your skin read before?  That’s right!  A skin reading.  No need to lift your palm, as Jah Crystal is an expert in the ways of the skin and what is being expressed epidermally and beyond.  


As a licensed esthetician and trained herbalist, Jah understands the energy of skin and how to use herbs to beautify, heal and transform. 


While most estheticians simply treat symptoms and others might explore possible causes of skin ailments, Jah dives deeper—searching for the true underlying meaning behind skin issues. 


With her 100% plant-based protocols and sacred herbal solutions, she provides the answers your skin has been seeking. 


Learn more and discover what business plans she has for estheticians.



How long have you been a practicing esthetician?


8 years



And, what inspired you to become an esthetician?


I was inspired by the desire to be on the opposite sales end of the esthetics industry, having the ability to legally provide a service and knowledge of skin rejuvenation and preservation.



Where are you based?


I’m based in Seattle & Tacoma Washington.



What’s the name of your business?


My business is called Healing Herbal Skincare. I’m a solo company with hopes of expanding and bringing other estheticians into my business.


What is your signature technique and approach to skincare?


My approach is completely 100% from the earth, using all herbs; very few exceptions are allowed. My signature technique uses the spiritual and energetic components of the plants to align with the energies of one’s body and skin for proper and effective treatment.


What sets you apart from other estheticians?


What sets me apart from other estheticians is the way I’ll look at the skin and treat the skin. Most estheticians will look at symptoms and possible causes, whereas I’ll look at the skin energy and the vibrations of the person to see the underlying cause stemming from the CNS sending messages into the skin.


What is your specialty?


I specialize in sacred herbal formulations for the skin.


What advice or suggestions would you give to a first-time client who has never had a professional beauty service?


Always seek pure ingredients for your skin. Ask questions before booking to see if your esthetician is the right fit for you.


What industry trends do you think will make the biggest impact this year?


I’m predicting pure herbal skincare will become the hottest trend pushing big companies to make changes or shut down.


What industry trends do you think should fade away?


It’s hard to say because all that is trending now has been around for a long time. Maybe perming of the eyelashes should fade away like perming of the hair did. People still do it but the trend is 30 years gone.


What’s your skincare regimen?


My daily regimen is using an herbal cleansing mask. It’s an herbal cleanser that cleanses and treats at the same time. It uses little to no cleansing agents so it’s very mild yet stimulating for my skin cells. It’s so effective, sometimes I’ll skip a day!


When it’s time to get a facial, who gives you yours?


I’m without a personal esthetician right now. I’ve made several attempts to train someone in the industry. Sacred Skincare is definitely a field of commitment. I’ve successfully trained someone in facial massage using acupressure, so I’m able to receive facial massages on a regular and love it!


For people living in your immediate area, what advice would you give to them for protecting their skin from the local environment?


In the Pacific Northwest, hydrators are your best friend, plus minerals. The weather here changes like the direction of the wind and it can dry out your skin or cause irritation. Keep your skin hydrated with an herbal spray moisturizer. Healing Herbal Skincare’s formulas have the mineral zinc added for keeping the skin balanced and helps with healing.


What is your proudest accomplishment in the esthetics industry?


My proudest accomplishment is creating an herbal skincare line with my own hands,  without using a manufacturer or chemicals, that is professional and worthy of a high grade spa treatment.


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