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Why We Celebrate National Black Estheticians’ Week?

Why Do We Celebrate National Black Estheticians’ Week?


We do this for our culture. We do this to support one another. And, Michelle Forrester is doing just that.


She’s called “Big Sister” because she is a valuable resource to clients, other estheticians and as we see, to our community.


Michelle took the time to volunteer her brow shaping and hand treatment services to residents of a DC women’s shelter.

National Black Estheticians’ Week Celebration

Michelle is one of the many faces of #NBEW and this is what we do as estheticians—we support each other’s well-being, in and outside of the profession.

Although she didn’t do this necessarily for this #nbew week—she did this on her own—this is exactly what #NBEW encompasses!


Because if we don’t support ourselves and our community in these very loving and meaningful ways, who else will?

Applauding you, Michelle! @themichelleyvette

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